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About US
Our Experience

Medical Cost Advocate has unparalleled experience in negotiating medical bills. We have more than 10 years of experience negotiating medical expenses between providers and insurance companies. Now we can bring this expertise to you, the consumer. Our sophisticated negotiators and simple process make things easy for you. Multi-billion dollar companies trust us to negotiate on their behalf and so can you.

About US
Your Doctor/Provider Relationships

Our effectiveness is based on our reputation. We treat every negotiation as if it was with our own provider. Our objective is to achieve true win-win negotiation so we work collaboratively with your doctors because we expect to negotiate with them several times, both for you and our other customers. Doctors benefit from our negotiation because we correct anomalies in billing, inform them about the “market” cost for procedures, get them paid faster than is typical and reduce the risk of uncollectible bills. Doctors and providers understand the benefits of our negotiations … increasingly they expect our call.

About US
Our Pledge

We understand that healthcare services are based on trust.

When you trust us to reduce your medical costs we will reward you with savings, or our services are free.

We will treat your doctor/provider relationship as if it were our own.

We will keep your medical and financial information confidential.

We are a privately owned company run by healthcare enthusiasts who desire to make a difference in healthcare by advocating fair and reasonable costs on behalf of consumers. Our allegiance is to you.