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Below is a sample of health care challenges shared by our clients. MCA Advocates solve these problems and many more every day. Retain a Medical Cost Advocate to help you with today’s health care challenges and rest easier in the future.

With 5 people in the family, not a month goes by where we are not using healthcare. We don’t have time to understand our insurance Benefits Summary let alone whether the EOBs and bills we receive are correct.
Now we have a $2,500 deductible for in-network and $5,000 for out–of-network procedures. We are never sure we are paying what we truly owe, or a lot more.
We frequently use out-of-network doctors. When it comes to specialists we will use the very best for our family. I know we are overpaying but by how much? I want the best but don’t want to pay the most.
The savings we derived from MCA’s negotiation capability actually enabled the program to pay for itself.
With no one tracking/reviewing our spending on health care, it is hard to select a benefits plan or properly fund a reimbursement account.
With all the changes going on in health care right now, I want to make sure we understand the risks.
I tried to call the insurance company to resolve a bill issue. They denied coverage and demanded I write an appeal. They took so long to respond that I gave up and just paid what I knew was a higher amount.
We have an FSA account but never submit bills until the end of the year. As a result, we lose bills and end up with excess unused funds.
We are always confused about the value of dental insurance. We pay the premiums and still have large bills for procedures. With MCA negotiating our bills we cancelled insurance and saved more money.
I am a care giver for elderly parents. I don’t understand health care, particularly Medicare and drug programs. I need help making appointments with the right doctors. There is never enough time to figure out the finances.
Our management team is very busy and works long hours. MCA manages all their family health care financial challenges. Our benefits department can focus on other priorities.
We have a diabetic in the family. Its a part-time job for us to check and review all the paperwork. I needed help researching the impact of the condition and best courses of action.

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