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                                                                                                  Our Services

Medical Cost Advocate’s services enable clients to save time, reduce cost and better navigate the health care system.

Negotiation and Payment Plans

Consumers have seen a dramatic increase in their share of out-of-pocket health care costs and medical bills. Insured and uninsured consumers are subject to ever increasing financial burdens in the form of direct physician/hospital bills, co-insurance, deductibles and out-of-network charges.

Consumers frequently over pay for health care because:
  • They do not have the knowledge required to reduce charges
  • They do not have the time to become an expert in health care
  • They are reluctant to challenge their health care provider

Until now, consumers have not had a trusted partner to lower their medical costs. You and your family deserve an advocate.

Medical Cost Advocate provides health care cost reduction solutions to benefit consumer and employee payers. Medical Cost Advocate is the expert source to validate billing accuracy, negotiate medical bills and regain control over your health care costs.We can negotiate your medical bills after services have been performed or reduce your procedure price before services are performed.

Many consumers have large bills they cannot afford to pay even if they are reduced through negotiation or they have in-network bills that providers refuse to lower through negotiation. In either case, you may elect to have your advocate negotiate a payment plan to stretch your payment out over time. Now you may select a payment plan as a service option when you enter your medical bill.

      Bill Negotiation and Payment Plans                  Prospective Negotiation

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Any consumer who has access to the internet can use our bill negotiation services. Medical Cost Advocate’s bill entry process is simple . It takes only a few moments to complete. Any medical/dental procedure or health care service that results in a bill to a consumer becomes a savings opportunity through Medical Cost Advocate. Please sign up now for service and enter your bills as you receive them.

Medical Cost Advocate can also negotiate health care pricing before you go for treatment. This service is useful if you plan to utilize a specialist, go out-of-network or obtain non-covered/uninsured services.It is also helpful for international patients wishing to come to the United States for health care services. To learn more about Medical Cost Advocate’s pre-treatment negotiation services please click: Prospective Negotiation Services

Medical Cost Advocate experts negotiate your charges directly with health care providers (hospitals, physicians, dentists, ambulatory surgical centers, labs, etc.) to reduce your medical expenses. The savings are passed on to you.

Medical Cost Advocate can save you thousands of dollars by negotiating your health care costs.

There is no risk … We save you money or extend your payments or you pay nothing …It’s that simple!

Make Medical Cost Advocate your expert medical cost reduction partner.

For more Information, please click: Why You Need A Negotiation Partner

Concierge Health Care Advocacy – Ongoing Billing and Insurance Assistance for Families

Medical Cost Advocate’s Concierge Advocacy services enable private clients to save time, reduce cost and better navigate the health care system. We provide a dedicated Advocate and customize the services to meet the client’s insurance, billing, financial and administrative requirements.

We manage all interactions with the health care system to ensure clients realize the most value from their health care investment. Clients benefit from an insurance billing professional with at least 15 years direct experience managing billing and insurance issues. Specifically, as your family advocate, we will file bills, resolve insurance and provider issues, negotiate payments when you use out-of-network/uncovered care, track all health care utilization and provide ongoing advice to enable the best health care decisions. We work with clients and their families directly or with their financial planner, family office or personal assistants.

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On-Call Health Care Advocacy – Billing and Insurance Assistance for Employee Groups

This program enables employers and their employees to realize more value from health care by optimizing their health plan utilization and reducing out-of-pocket cost when issues arise. As health insurance experts with deep claims management and billing background, we have the knowledge and experience to help employees navigate the health care system to realize value. On-Call Advocates provide employees expert support to understand their coverage, use health benefits efficiently, manage billing complexity and most importantly, reduce out-of-pocket costs. Services include:

  • Answering coverage and billing questions
  • Reviewing medical bills and EOB’s for issues
  • Resolving billing errors with insurers or providers
  • Negotiating medical bills to reduce cost: before or after treatment
  • Negotiating payment plans or financial assistance arrangements
  • Assisting in appealing denied claims with insurers
  • Advising on the best use of health plan for savings
  • Providing in-network price transparency services
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Ideal for companies that place high importance on employee productivity and want to increase satisfaction with the group benefits plan. These services are available to all employees and include a call-in line, email inquiry and a negotiation portal to reduce medical bills. MCA’s focus on health care cost reduction enables both employer and employee to save time and money, thus enabling a higher ROI

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Insurance and Medicare Consultation

Families that require individual insurance, are enrolling in Medicare, are coming off of corporate policies or COBRA, or are going through an annual renewal, are often unprepared to make plan choices. In addition, insurers are constantly entering and exiting markets and plans and personal health situations change; making plan selection confusing if you aren’t an insurance expert. Families and individuals evaluating Medicare or private insurance are often underserved. Medical Cost advocate can conduct a Private Insurance or Medicare Consultation to obtain the most advantageous coverage for you. Medical Cost Advocate deploys a consultative approach leveraging licensed advocates to understand your needs and goals. We review plans available directly from insurers, private exchanges and public options in your geography. Insurance and Medicare consultations include:

  • Conducting a call to understand your goals, constraints and health situation
  • Obtaining a list of your frequently used providers and prescriptions
  • Researching alternative plans from public, private and exchange sources
  • Presenting several alternatives and supporting your decision process

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