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Our Bill Negotiation Process Is Simple, Intuitive and Fast

The first time you enter a bill you will create an account profile we can use to identify you. This will save you time on future visits. You can use your personal login ID to check on the status of your medical bill negotiation and review your final savings summary report.

To get started, we will ask you to provide some basic information about your medical bill and provider by entering it, or faxing it, directly to Medical Cost Advocate. Medical Cost Advocate will negotiate medical bills as long they exceed the $300 minimum.

Our four step bill entry process will take you less than five minutes to complete.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Open an Account
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  • Confirm Patient Information – Your or your dependent’s information
  • Enter Provider Information – Your medical provider’s contact information
  • Enter Bill Information – Specific information about procedures and charges to be negotiated ( You may fax the actual bill using our “fax link” service)
  • Enter payment/authorization Information - Credit / debit card pre-authorization and approval of terms (Note: no amount will be charged)

When you have entered the information and authorized Medical Cost Advocate, we are ready to negotiate medical bills to save you money. We will then contact your provider, conduct a professional negotiation, obtain agreement from the provider and charge your credit / debit card for the final reduced amount on your behalf.

If we don’t save you money we don’t pay the provider and our services are free.

The whole medical bill negotiation process usually takes less than three days depending on the responsiveness of your provider. When the negotiation is complete we will email you a service summary report showing you how much you have saved. You can also access this information by selecting “Manage Account” on the website and logging into your personal account profile.

To find out about the process to negotiate medical costs before services please click: Prospective Negotiation

How We Get Paid For Medical Bill Negotiation

  • Medical Cost Advocate will charge no upfront fee for medical bills assistance
  • We receive compensation only as a portion of the savings we achieve for you
  • If there are no savings on medical bills, you pay nothing
  • If there are savings, Medical Cost Advocate will charge 35% of such savings to your credit card or debit card (may vary if you have a group code)
  • Medical Cost Advocate will also instruct the provider to charge your credit card or debit card for the agreed upon amount after the medical bill negotiation

All terms of the transaction and a pre-authorization of the credit card or debit card will be handled on the website upon origination of the transaction.

Medical bill reduction example*:

Assume you submit a medical bill for $750 and Medical Cost Advocate obtains a reduction of $170. Medical Cost Advocate will have your medical provider charge $580 for final payment and MCA will process its fee of $59.50. Your net saving will be $110.50. Details of the transaction will be described on your savings summary which will be emailed upon completion of the negotiation.

*Actual savings may vary based on medical procedure, provider and geography.

Our Professional Medical Billing Advocates

Medical Cost Advocate negotiators are professional and experienced. They undergo rigorous training and are careful to maintain personal relationships in their negotiation.They are true patient advocates whether they negotiate hospital bills or negotiate doctor bills.

Medical Cost Advocate professionals use a fact based approach to negotiation, leveraging five factors to achieve savings. Most importantly, we use proprietary and industry data derived over years of negotiation of medical bills, so we can review and re-price the procedure with the health care provider. We also leverage prompt payment, reduced risk and our professional reputation to get you medical bill relief.

Our No Risk Guarantee For Bill Negotiation

Your savings are completely risk free with no upfront charge.

If we do not save you money when we negotiate medical bills we will not charge you anything and we will not pay your provider.