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Reduce Your Medical Costs Before Treatment (Prospective Negotiation)
Medical Cost Advocate saves you money so you can focus on your health
Prospective Negotiation
  • Your family’s health is your highest priority.

  • When you want the best treatment you may choose to utilize a specialist, facility or other health care provider that is not in your insurance network.

  • If your insurance provides out-of-network benefits you will pay a higher price and an elevated coinsurance rate. If you have no out-of-network benefits, the treatment isn’t covered or you are uninsured, the cost can be a burden.

  • Most consumers spend more time shopping for a car or a vacation than they do for health care. Health care is one of the only services we “buy” without knowing the full cost upfront.


  • MCA experts will negotiate the best possible price and payment terms for a procedure, UPFRONT, before treatment

  • The provider you select is a personal choice. MCA will help your selected provider fit your financial budget.
  • Save money before treatment
  • Understand how much you will owe
  • Solidify price, terms and scheduling
  • Achieve peace-of-mind – Let professionals handle the finances so you can focus on your health
  • Remove uncertainty from a stressful situation
  The Process
  • Complete the request for negotiation below or call us at (201) 891-8989
  • One of our negotiation professionals will setup a consultation
  • Complete our retention agreement - MCA will charge a minimal retainer fee. This fee will be returned when we negotiate savings
  • Approve final pricing, terms and down payment after negotiation
Ideal For
  • Out-of-network & non-covered cases
  • Specialist & elective cases
  • Facility transfers & after care
  • Large complex cases
  • Out-of-pocket cost concerns
  • Procedures greater than $3,000
  • Selecting among 1 to 3 providers
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