Our Purpose

We started Medical Cost Advocate to deliver greater value in healthcare. This goal is often overlooked and rarely realized in the largest market in the United States. Enhancing value in healthcare is Medical Cost Advocate’s guiding principle and part of our corporate DNA. As we grow and adapt to market changes, we consistently keep this guiding principle in focus. All our services, from healthcare advocacy and negotiation for families to cost containment for companies, are designed to yield measurable value in healthcare.

We deliver greater value by enabling our clients to:

  • Become superior consumers of healthcare
  • Save money by expertly reducing cost
  • Reduce the time required to navigate complexity
  • Make better and more informed decisions

Our Mission

Helping Clients Realize More Value from Healthcare

Our Company

Medical Cost Advocate (“MCA”) helps clients save time, reduce cost, and better navigate the healthcare system to realize more value. Since 2002, MCA has been a leader in healthcare cost containment and advocacy across a diverse and demanding network of clients, including insurance carriers, employee benefits consultants, large employers, private clients, executive families, employees, and consumers.

Our Advocate staff is comprised of attorneys, licensed health benefits professionals, and billing, coding, and claims payment specialists, each with at least 20 years of experience helping clients reduce cost and navigate the most difficult and complex issues related to healthcare. We serve businesses and families in all 50 states and help patients from abroad better access the US healthcare system.

Explore our services further and let us know how we can help you REALIZE MORE VALUE FROM HEALTHCARE: