On-Call Advocacy for Employer Groups

Helping Employers and Employees Realize More Value From Healthcare

  • Have your premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs continued to grow?
  • Do your employees need help navigating their benefits and billing?
  • How can employees save money and increase satisfaction with benefits?
  • How can the company reduce costs and achieve a higher ROI on healthcare spending?

What’s On This Page:

Companies and their employees/associates (members) need help navigating benefits and reducing costs. Medical Cost Advocate’s On-Call Advocacy services leverage health insurance experts with deep claims management and billing experience to help members and companies realize more value by optimizing use of their benefit plans and reducing total benefits cost.

The MCA Approach

Medical Cost Advocate enables members to become better consumers of healthcare by providing them the knowledge and cost saving assistance they need to make better decisions. We will help them properly enroll, understand their coverage, use benefits efficiently, manage billing issues and reduce out-of-pocket costs. Our On-Call Advocacy services are delivered by an experienced and dedicated advocate team assigned to specific employer and member organizations. We solve Members’ problems during the workday when providers and insurers are available, ensuring members remain focused on company business.

We structure our On-Call Advocacy services into three pillars:

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Cost Reduction Competency

A key differentiator of MCA’s On-Call Advocacy services is our focus on, and ability to deliver, cost reduction for the member and the company. By steering members in-network with price transparency services and reducing cost when they go out-of-network, MCA saves significant costs for the company leading to a higher ROI.

Negotiation Services

MCA’s industry leading negotiation services are an integrated part of On-Call Services. On-Call Clients have access to our portal for Bill Negotiation, Prospective Negotiation, Payment Plans, and Financial Assistance.


Executive Concierge Services and Opt-In Services

On-Call services for employee members are often combined with Executive Concierge services – a comprehensive, high-touch executive benefit for C-level, senior management, and professional services partners.


The MCA Advantage

Track Record of Results

Since 2002, MCA’s On-Call Advocacy services have been trusted by leading insurance brokers, employers, associations and member organizations. Leveraging our industry-leading healthcare navigation and cost reduction services, MCA saves more time and money for our clients. ROIs frequently exceed 3:1.

Flexible Workflow & Reporting

MCA seamlessly integrates its proprietary workflow and technology into each client engagement. Our contact management system ensures all member information, case history, and communication are readily available to advocates. We customize reporting for employers and brokers.

Highly Experienced Advocates

MCA’s On-Call Advocates are health benefits and claims payment professionals supported by attorneys and subject matter experts with a consultative, data-driven approach and at least 15 years of experience.

Proprietary Data Analysis

MCA has assembled public and proprietary data sources of healthcare procedure costs that are unmatched in the industry. We know what consumers pay for healthcare in each state and leverage the data for our members.

Competency in Cost Reduction

Our focus is first and foremost on cost reduction, and our advocacy services include our strength and vast experience in bill review and negotiation. MCA ensures members use in-network services most efficiently and reduces costs if they choose to go out-of-network.

Industry Leading Negotiation Portal

MCA’s full-service portal is the industry’s leading bill review and negotiation workflow to manage core negotiation, payment plans, and prospective negotiation. The portal is secure and HIPAA compliant with 24/7 access.