Bill Negotiation

Start Saving on Medical Bills with your Trusted Cost Reduction Partner

  • Have you seen a dramatic increase in your out-of-pocket health care costs?
  • Do you believe you are overpaying for healthcare but don’t know where to start?
  • Would you like an expert to reduce your medical bills and save you money?
  • Would you like a payment plan to extend payment terms?

Medical Cost Advocate is your expert medical cost reduction partner. Since 2002, we have been an industry leader in medical bill negotiation services that benefit consumers and employee payers. We can save you thousands of dollars—with typical savings exceeding 30% depending on your bill.

Our Services Work with any Health Plan, Insurance Status, or Bill Type

As your trusted partner, we will validate billing accuracy, negotiate bill reductions, extend payment terms, and help regain control over your healthcare costs. Our negotiation services are accessible through our full-service portal, where you can securely and confidentially enter bill information for review and negotiation by MCA’s Advocates.

Our Negotiation and Payment Services

Bill Negotiation

Bill negotiation is our most requested service. We will provide expert review and negotiation for medical bills you receive after services are provided. This includes out-of-pocket costs on balance bills, uncovered services, uninsured services, or remainder bills towards deductibles and coinsurance.

Payment Plans

Some people have large bills they cannot afford to pay, even if they are reduced. Others have in-network bills that providers refuse to negotiate. In either case, when you enter a bill, you may select “Negotiate a Payment Plan” and we will attempt to stretch your payments out over time.

Prospective Negotiation

This service negotiates procedure pricing before you obtain treatment. This service is helpful only when you plan to use out-of-network, non-covered, or self-pay services and you plan to spend more than $10,000.

There is no risk. We save you money or you pay nothing. It’s that simple.

The MCA Advantage

No other company has the experience, workflow, and track record of savings comparable to MCA.

Marketplace Leader Since 2002

Since 2002, MCA has been a leading medical bill review and negotiation specialist. We are trusted by leading insurance carriers, brokers, TPAs, banks, and employers nationwide for review and negotiation.

Superior Transaction Settlement

MCA settles and pays providers on your behalf. As a result, your deal is locked in, and all parties are treated fairly. This prompt payment increases savings we bring to you.

Highly Experienced Negotiators

Our professional and rigorously trained negotiators have over 15 years of experience in reducing medical costs. High dollar and complex negotiations are handled by MCA attorneys. Our reputation enhances your potential savings.

Leveraging the Best Data

We use proprietary procedure cost databases, compiled from thousands of negotiations in every state. We know what consumers should actually pay for healthcare. This data driven approach optimizes savings.

Track Record of Savings

We have negotiated thousands of medical bills with an 85% plus success rate on reducing out-of-network claims. Savings typically average between 30%-50% on most bills. Some bills are eliminated completely.

Industry Leading Process & Portal

We have developed an industry leading, patent pending, review, repricing, and negotiation workflow with proven scalability. Our portal is secure and HIPAA compliant with 24/7 access and comprehensive reporting for clients.