Our Bill Negotiation Process is Simple, Intuitive, and Fast

Simply visit our portal and enter your medical bill for savings.

The first time you enter a bill you will create an account profile we can use to identify you. This will save you time on future visits. You can use your personal login ID to check the status of your bill negotiation and review your final savings report.

To Negotiate, Simply Complete our Four-Step Bill Entry Process

  • Confirm Patient Information – Your or your dependent’s information
  • Enter Provider Information – Your medical provider’s information
  • Enter Bill Information – Specific information about the procedure to be negotiated
  • Enter Payment/Authorization Information – Service selection, approval of terms, and credit/debit card pre-authorization
    (Note: no amount will be charged unless you save)

When you have entered the information and authorized MCA to proceed, we will contact your provider and conduct a professional negotiation to help you save money. After we secure a reduction, the provider will charge your credit/debit card for the final reduced amount to lock in your savings.

If we cannot reduce the bill, we do not pay the provider and our negotiation services are free. However, we may be able to negotiate an extended payment plan if you select this service.

Our bill negotiation process typically takes less than a week depending on the responsiveness of your provider. You can access negotiation updates and outcome information by logging into the portal and selecting “Manage Account”.

When a negotiation is complete, we will email an outcome report showing how much you have saved or the terms of an extended payment plan. We will also charge our savings success fee, if applicable.

How We Get Paid

The fee for web direct bill negotiation is as follows:

  • There are no upfront fees for medical bill negotiation.
  • Our fees are based on the amount of savings we negotiate for you.
  • If there are savings, we will charge 35%* of such savings to your credit card or debit card. (Fee may vary if you have a valid group code)
  • If there are no savings, you pay no negotiation fee. (Fees for other services you elect, such as payment plans, may apply)

All terms of the transaction are disclosed, and pre-authorization of the credit card or debit card will be handled in the web portal when you complete your bill entry.

Medical Bill Reduction Example

Assume you submit a medical bill for $1000 and MCA obtains a reduction of $350**.

We will allow your medical provider to charge $650 for final payment and MCA will process its savings fee of $122.50. Your net saving will be $227.50. Details of the transaction are described on your savings summary – emailed upon completion of the negotiation.

*Fees may vary based on any corporate, association, or affiliate group membership rates.
**Actual savings may vary based on medical procedure, provider, and geography