Insurance Consultation

For direct private insurance and Medicare plan selection

  • Are you individually insured or transitioning from a corporate plan or COBRA?
  • Would you like to find the best direct/individual insurance plan for you and your family?
  • Are you enrolling in Medicare and would like to review supplemental, Advantage, and Part D options?
  • Would you like to evaluate new and better plans during Individual or Medicare annual enrollment?
  • Would you like a consultant to find the best plan for your small business?

The direct/private insurance landscape is often challenging for families to navigate alone. Insurers are constantly entering and exiting markets, and the available plans, networks, and features frequently change; making access and selection a challenge.

Medical Cost Advocate helps you obtain the most advantageous coverage for your unique situation. We leverage licensed Advocates and deploy a consultative and impartial approach (receiving no commissions from insurers). We review all insurance plans available in your geography, including those directly from insurers, private exchanges, and public options. For Medicare, we search all Supplemental, Part D, and Advantage options.

Our Insurance and Medicare Consultations Include
the Following Steps:

  • Understand your insurance goals, constraints, and health situation
  • Obtain a list of your frequently used providers and prescriptions
  • Research alternative plans from public, private, and exchange sources
  • Present several alternatives and support your selection decision
  • Assist in properly enrolling

If you are privately insured or on Medicare, we recommend annual Consultations to address changing needs and insurance plan availability. We can also provide insurance consultation and broker services for your small business.

Clients often find it beneficial to conduct an Insurance Consultation in conjunction with Medical Cost Advocate’s ongoing Concierge Advocacy services. Comprehensive Concierge Advocacy services also include annual Insurance Consultations.