Medical Tourism for US Inbound Patients

Obtain High-Quality Care from Leading US Physicians & Hospitals for Lower Cost

The US offers the best medical services in the world. However, it is also the most costly and difficult to navigate. Patients from abroad face many challenges:

  • Would you like to obtain care in the US but avoid the high costs and complexities?
  • Are you concerned about finding the best treatments from the best facilities?
  • Would you like to reduce the high prices often charged to uninsured, non-US patients?
  • Can you use an expert US partner to represent your interests and manage a positive experience?

Our Services

Whether you represent an international Government, Embassy, Company, Charity, or your own family, Medical Cost Advocate is your premier partner for US Healthcare. We have helped thousands of international patients obtain treatment from the top US physicians and hospitals. We manage the entire US bound Medical Tourism process for international clients by providing them with US attorneys and billing experts who help professionally navigate the US healthcare system. We can help you obtain the best care, at the best facilities, for the best price and manage all of your financial transactions and communications with US facilities.

MCA will review your medical diagnosis and treatment plans and obtain cost estimates from the top US healthcare facilities. Once a care path is chosen, we will negotiate fees or apply network rates to reduce cost, review all bills associated with US treatment, and facilitate payment to US providers. We will also manage the pre-trip visa and medical requirements, financial deposit requirements, and maintain ongoing relationships with financial and medical hospital departments.

The result? You obtain the best care at the best price without any stress.

The MCA Approach

Medical Cost Advocate offers three primary services for clients across the globe:

Second Opinion

MCA manages a mail review second opinion from a top 10 US facility to ensure your treatment is on the right path.

Procedure Consultation

MCA assembles your case, obtains an estimate from three of the top ten US facilities, and negotiates the best price. This is done to support the treatment decision while at home.

Procedure Advocacy

MCA helps you finalize your procedure, lock-in the best price, provide pre-trip guidance, manage payments, communicate with facilities on your behalf, and handle post treatment bill review/payment. This is done to navigate the procedure while in the US and save money.

MCA Helps International Organizations and Businesses

We offer ongoing consulting services for governments, embassies, companies, and charities from abroad that send multiple patients to the US for treatment and would like a trusted US partner to review healthcare charges, reduce costs, and manage payment to achieve savings.

The MCA Advantage

Track Record of Success

Since 2002, MCA has been a leading US medical bill review and negotiation specialist. We have developed trusted relationships with the top management professionals at the largest US healthcare facilities. We have an unbeatable track record of saving.

Professional Team

MCA Advocates are highly trained US attorneys and billing experts with experience in US cost containment and negotiation. All our rate reductions are evidenced in written legal agreements. We represent you to ensure your care and your costs are optimized.

Trusted in the US & Abroad

MCA is Better Business Bureau A+ rated and serves the top US banks, trusts, insurers, and employers. We have been featured on major news outlets, including CNN, ABC News, Fox Business, Forbes, Consumer Reports, AARP, The Washington Post, and Crain’s New York Business.

Clients Across the Globe

Hundreds of institutions and individuals from across the globe rely on our services. We represent governments, embassies, companies, and charities from all over the world, including: Canada, China, England & UK, Saudi Arabia, India, Qatar, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Israel.